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The Entrepreneur Bootcamp For Architects

Business Models, Case Studies and Founder Stories

Choose Income And Passion, Not Income Or Passion

Are you ready to become an Archipreneur? Find out which business model is right for you, test your ideas and build a profitable venture.

The Archipreneur Academy covers the following business models:

  • Architect as Developer
  • Software as a Service
  • Consulting for Architects
  • Product Creation
  • Online Publishing
  • Architecture Practice

Six Proven Business Models For Architects

Learn how to use your architectural skill set to build a business. The Archipreneur Academy covers six proven business models.

1. Become an Architect as Developer

Do you want to build and sell your own projects? Become an Architect as Developer, design and sell your own buildings.
  • Three Strategies To Find Land and Uncover New Projects
  • The 10-Step Development Process: From Finding Land To Generating Profit
  • Money, Risk and Equity Shares in Development Projects
  • The #1 Risk in Development Projects and How To Mitigate It
  • Lessons on Deal Structure: Minimize Risk By Bringing in Partners
  • Marketing and Branding Strategies for Architects as Developer
  • The Reality Behind The Architect as Developer Model

2. Sell Consulting Services as an Architect

Do you want to sell your expertise as a consultant? Build your own full-time or part-time consulting business.
  • The Benefits of Selling Consulting Services
  • How To Use Consulting In A Hybrid Business Model
  • Tips for Architects Who Want to Start a Business On The Side
  • Why Consulting Is A Great Way To Start Your Own Business
  • How To Use Your Website To Become An Authority
  • Entrepreneur Mindset, Opportunities and How To Get Started
  • How To Find New Clients Using Email Marketing

3. Build an Online Publishing Business

Do you want to become an online publisher? Create a website, publish content and monetize using your own books, courses or advertising.
  • The Most Effective Marketing Strategies To Increase Website Traffic
  • Why Most People Regret Not Starting Sooner
  • How To Grow Fast By Creating Content Partnerships
  • Tips On How To Create and Sell Online Courses
  • Website Tips and Tools for Architects
  • The #1 Pricing Trick That Can Increase Sales By 400%
  • 7 Different Ways To Create Income Streams From Your Website

4. Build a Software as a Service (SaaS)

Do you want to build a software as a service business? Learn how to generate recurring income from a useful web application or productized service.
  • How To Start Building A Software Business
  • The Benefits of Software as a Service compared to Software as a Product
  • How To Build A Software Business While Running An Architecture Practice
  • How To Turn Your Own Problems Into Profitable Software Solutions
  • Opportunities in Architecture, Software and Technology
  • The Most Effective Marketing Strategies For Generating Hundreds of Customers
  • Pricing Lessons for Software as a Service Businesses

5. Product Creation for Architects

Do you want to create your own product and sell it thousands of people online? Learn how to monetize your creativity and build an ecommerce business from scratch.
  • The Most Successful Product Creation Examples
  • How To Use Kickstarter To Finance Your Product Design
  • How To Use Online Advertising To Market Your Products
  • Tips on Outsourcing and Manufacturing Your Products Abroad
  • How To Build And Manage an eCommerce Website Without an IT Background
  • Lessons on Customer Relationships and Long-Term Profits
  • Branding and Marketing Strategies For Your Products

6. Build Your Own Architecture Practice

Who says you need to build a business outside of architecture? Learn how to start your own architecture practice, find the right clients and work on the projects you really care about.
  • The Most Important Lessons You Can Learn From Starchitects
  • How To Get Started With Your Own Architecture Practice
  • The Best Strategies For Finding The Right Clients
  • Little Known Marketing Strategies for Architecture Practices
  • How To Use Google, Facebook and Instagram To Showcase Your Projects
  • Why You Need To Differentiate and Find Your Unique Selling Position

What Exactly Is The Academy?

The Archipreneur Academy is a private business and learning community.
Our mission is to inspire, grow and connect like-minded people from the AEC industry through interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and collaboration.
  • Engaged & Interactive Facebook Group
  • AEC Business Model Case studies
  • Monthly Mentor Video Interviews
  • Actionable Summaries, Guides and Recipes
  • Private Community of Archipreneurs
  • Access to Founders and Entrepreneurs

Expert Interviews

Learn From Successful Archipreneurs, people who have an architecture background just like yourself.

Learn from other fellow architects and entrepreneurs while they share their stories and advice on how to build a successful business. We interview people who started innovative businesses within the AEC industry. As an Academy Member you get two mentor video interviews per month straight to your inbox.

  • Learn About Their Backgrounds, What They Studied and Which Books They Read
  • How To Choose The Right Business Model For Yourself
  • How To Get Started Building Your Business
  • Learn How Other Founders Financed Their Businesses
  • Which Marketing Strategies Work Best For A Particular Business Model
  • How Founders Validate Their Ideas Without Spending A Fortune

Business Model Case Studies

Learn the structure behind real-life businesses, how they operate and generate profits.

Find out which business model is right for you. In addition to the monthly video interviews, you receive a detailed case study of each interviewee's business. We break down the entire business model for you and highlight the key skills and resources that are needed.

  • Understand The Value Proposition Of Each Business
  • How Does The Business Generate Revenues
  • What Is The Cost Structure Of The Business
  • What Is The Relationship Between Revenues and Cost Drivers
  • What Are The Key Activities In The Business?
  • What Are The Most Important Resources For A Specific Business?
  • Which Customer Segments Does A Business Target
  • How Do Businesses Maintain Their Customer Relationship

Private Community

Connect with other archipreneurs from around the world, share ideas, problems and knowlegde.

A key part of the Archipreneur Academy is to connect with like-minded peers from around the world to share, help and learn from each other. Ask your fellow members for solutions to your business problems, get access to a community of fellow entrepreneurs within the AEC industry.

  • Connect With Like-Minded People From Around The World
  • Get Your Questions Answered By Fellow Archipreneurs
  • Share Articles and Curated Content from Members
  • Find Business Partners To Start Your Venture
  • Get Feedback On Your Business Ideas
  • Organize Self-Hosted Mastermind Groups

Featured Archipreneur Mentors

Learn from founders and entrepreneurs within the AEC industry. Find out how to turn your idea into a successful business within the architectural community.
Michael Kilkelly
ArchSmarter / SpaceCMD
Steven Burns, FAIA
Chief Creative Officer
ArchiOffice / BQE
Gunita Kuļikovska
Founder & CEO
Vividly App
Ryan King
Robert Yuen
Declan Keefe
Strategic Director

Topics we cover in the Academy

The Academy’s focus is on all topics related to business of architecture and the intersection between architecture and entrepreneurship.
  • Architect as Developer
  • Creative Strategies
  • Marketing for Architects
  • Business Models
  • Productivity
  • Virtual Reality
  • Future of cities
  • BIM
  • A.I. in Architecture
  • Innovation
  • Urban Planning
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Design
  • Tools
  • Architecture
  • Urban Trends

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  • 2 Expert video interviews per month - Get two video interviews with Archipreneur Mentors delivered to your inbox every month.
  • 2 Business model case studies per month - Get two case studies of creative business models within the architectural industry every month.
  • A community of fellow Archipreneurs - Join a community of architectural entrepreneurs to learn, share and connect with each other.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - Not satisfied, get your money back within the first 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the other mentors?
We have a long list of creative, unique architects, designers, founders, entrepreneurs within the business of architecture. We will keep updating the list as soon as new interviews are published. If you would like to recommend somebody for a mentor interview just contact us and we will be happy to get them on board.
Can I get a refund?
Yes, of course you can! If for some reason you change your mind after joining the Academy, just contact us within 30 days and we’ll refund your membership. But we will ask you for your reasons in order to improve the Academy.
When does the membership end?
The academy membership automatically ends after one year. You are billed monthly and you can cancel any time.
Any other question?
If you still have questions after reading this page please get in touch and we will do our best to answer them. Click this link and fill out the question form.