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Archipreneur is an online magazine passionate about exploring the intersection between architecture and entrepreneurship.


The word “Archipreneur” is a composite of the words “architect” and “entrepreneur”. We cover topics from architecture and real estate development, through placemaking and city planning, to technology and entrepreneurship.
The idea of being an Archipreneur is to build a business from your architectural skill set, to free yourself from the demands of your current job and to create the things that you truly love.
Our mission is to empower our community by providing an online source with practical benchmarks, case studies, expert knowledge, real life inspiration and essential tools to envision and build the beautiful cities of our future.

The Big Picture

Architecture and entrepreneurship both begin with a creative idea. Whether it is a new concept for a building, a new product or service, the first step in both fields must begin with that initial spark of creativity.

At their bare bones, architecture and entrepreneurship do the same things: create and build an entirely new concept from scratch or repurpose an existing structure.

But having an idea isn’t all it takes. Great architects and entrepreneurs must have a clear vision and the enthusiasm to pursue their concepts in order to finally bring a product or project to life.

An Archipreneur can be an architect, urbanist, city builder or developer, who transforms new ideas into successful innovations that challenge the ordinary boundaries of architecture, urbanism and city planning.

At archipreneur.com, our goal is to build an international community of forward-thinking people who are passionate about creating great urban places and the cities of the future.

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– The Archipreneur Team